High School Students 9th - 12th Grade

Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Grammar, Spelling, Reading, Literature and Physical Education.

Visual Arts, American Sign Language II, Music Lessons (Piano, Guitar and percussion).

Geography, Government, Christian Doctrines, Life Skills, Critical Thinking, Computer, Driver's Education, Spanish I & II.


APBS students can benefit from our partnership with the fallowing universities:

Valencia College Dual Enrollment Program 

Sistema Universitario Ana G. Mendez and Keiser University 

Guidance Services


Azalea Park School is committed to the education, growth and development of each student. Within that commitment is the desire to connect students with their goals! We do this by monitoring them closely during their high school years. Our Principal Mrs. Ortega meets with each of the high school students to discuss their plans. Not all students are meant to go to college; but all students are meant to reach their maximun potencial.


APBS works closely with several universities. Our students are encouraged to participate in our Dual Enrollment Programs or to consider a vocational school certification. A high school diploma is not the end but simply a tool to go to the next level. Our staff is dedicated to the mental and spiritual health of our students. APBS has a 100% graduation rate and until now all of our high school graduates have continue their education at the under graduate level!


Please contact our Principal for help with college guidance, academic counseling and graduation requirements.


High School-9th – 12th  Grade

Registration Fee: $450

Books and Materials Fee/Ins. Fee: $400

Testing Fee: $350

Laboratory Fee: $185

Annual Tuition: $6,120


Total: $7,505.00


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