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The boy’s basketball program at APBS is designed to promote and support a love for basketball, enhance and improve players’ skills, and foster a positive environment of sportsmanship and teamwork.
The philosophy is quite simple: Develop a young athlete’s skills in order to bring praise to God. We would like to thank everyone for their continued support of APS basketball! The Basketball season starts in November, if you would like your child to participate you may register them by applying in the front office or get more information by calling 407-277-4056.
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Volleyball Programs


The volleyball program at Azalea Park School includes passionate coaches and extremely dedicated athletes. The program hopes to instill a “give 110%” attitude among the athletes when it comes to volleyball and all other aspects of their lives.

The Junior High, Junior Varsity, and Varsity teams are already preparing for terrific seasons and excitement is in the air as everyone anticipates in the first games. The main goal for the program is to continue improving and surpass the goals that they have set for themselves.

The girls are looking forward to this upcoming season. Thank you for your continued support of girls’ volleyball.

Clubs and Other Programs:

Book Year/ Photography Club
Sports Program (Basketball, Kickball, Volleyball, Dodgeball, Cheerleading)
Visual Arts Club, Music Club
Advance classes
Online classes
Foreigh Languages (Spanish, French, Mandarin)
Music Classes (guitar, bass, percussion)

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