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Reverend Wildre Ortega was born in Dominican Republic on December 13th1971. At present he lives in Orlando, FL. and is the lead pastor of Azalea Park Church where Pastor Ortega continues to grow and leads. He is married to Alexa Ortega, who is: the mother of his three children, his right hand, biggest fan, and main supporter of all of his projects.

Biographical Sketch

Rev. Ortega’s father is Nicomedes Ortega, a civil rights advocate by choice. His commitment and dedication to the needs of his people earned him their respect and recognition.Working along many politicians he was a key player in the development and implementation of processes which provided access to many new resources to the community as a whole.

His mother Silvia Ortega, a devoted Christian, also known for her compassion and willingness to serve the community always encouraged Rev. Ortega to become involved  with the needy. Thanks to her, at the age of eight Rev. Ortega became the most welcomed visitor in his neighborhood since every time he visited a home he delivered: food, clothing, water, etc. Experiences like this made him aware of the needs of his community and prepared him for the work he does today.

Rev. Ortega earned his Theology degree in 2001 at the Latin American Council Seminary in New York City.  After graduating he served as an Associate Pastor for seven years in the state of New Jersey. He was also recognized for his work supervising around 1,300 churches in multiple states of the United States.  He has also served as a missionary in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador where he delivered the word of God while tending to the needs of the less fortunate. 

He is currently finishing his degree in psychology in Central Florida. He is a member of two local pastor’s associations: LA FRACET, the largest association of Christian leaders in Florida and Pastor’s in the Gap, where he serves in the Executive Committee. Public Service is the driving force for this man that at heart is a humanitarian.

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