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Сovid-19 Updates

APBS will be utilizing a hybrid teaching approach. At risk students will have the opportunity to learn online; using Google Meet and multiple digital platforms. Teachers will post work online and will have video conferences during the school day. At risk students will receive the same materials, assignments, assessments and instructions of traditional students.

Traditional students (for lack of a better term) will meet daily on campus but will complete a lot of their work via Google Classroom. Parents interested in enrolling their students for our virtual school will have to complete a virtual school application. Virtual school rules, schedule etc. will be provided at the time of enrollment. Students enrolled in APBS VR will have the option to come on campus once a week to return or pick up materials. Both of these mentioned learning approaches have benefits and risks. As parents we want to give you the opportunity to have choices, but only you can decide what is best for your children based on their health issues.

Prevention will include: A. Morning Routine: The school nurse will make Temperature checks at the entrance. No one will be allowed on the premises with a fever of 100 F or higher. Please wait for your child to be allowed on campus before driving off. Masks/ face shields are recommended for all students and required for all staff. B. Classroom Safety: Teachers and students will participate in wiping classrooms daily. Maintenance staff will sanitize all areas after school utilizing professional equipment. C. Social Distancing: Sending your child to school comes with unavoidable risks. At APBS we are working on minimizing those risks by providing protocols and trained staff that will promote and implement such protocols.

Please know that leaving your child at home has also a set of risks, including lack of academic, social and mental growth. Students’ desks will be separated to promote social distancing. The amount of classroom furniture has been minimized and materials will not be shared. Supplies list will be a little different this year, please read them carefully and help us labeling all of your child’s items. Classes will continue to be small and students will have a limited amount of elective classes. This will ensure they spend most of their time separate from other class.

Our Priority is to care and protect our children.

Principal Alexa Ortega

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