Visual and Performing Arts

The Elementary School students participate in a variety of Fine and Visual Arts enrichment elements. In grades kindergarten through sixth, students may enjoy Art class featuring crafts, painting, and drawing. In upper grades, students may elect to take chorus, Beginning Band or Ukulele. The program builds the foundation for the Middle and Upper School Fine Arts. Along the way, students will experience Music with Mr. Santana and Art with Ms. Morejon. Each of these skills can be enhanced by participation in the Azalea Park Band and Enrichment or Extra Curricular Courses. The APBS Band students are choose based on experience and are require to practice after school weekly, to prepare students for concerts and competitions. The APBS Band earned the silver metal at the Florida League of Christian Schools and Colleges 2018 and 2019. Azalea Park Baptist School purposefully infused musicians to obtain a character-building, spiritual journey that extends beyond the classroom as a way of life.
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